Cambiar el Mundo es tarea de Todos

Changing the world is Everyone´s Duty

February 03, 2021

As citizens we can achieve change through simple actions. We have the power to make everyday decisions: choose where our food comes from, take care of our waste, what kind of companies we buy from or even what kind of products we highlight.

Pewma: Nuestro sueño de un mundo sin residuos

Pewma: Our dream of a world without waste

June 20, 2020

Pewma comes from the Mapudungun and means Dream. What is ours? Being part of a world in which no waste is generated. With this purpose in mind, our collection of products made from 100% recycled materials was born. We invite you to meet and be part of this dream.

El Nuevo Retail: generando riqueza para todos

The New Retail: generating wealth for Everyone

June 08, 2020

A fair economy, minimizing the environmental impact and contributing to the end of inequality, are some of the objectives on which the new retail is based. Learn more about this high-impact change, to which we invite you to join.

Del oficio artesanal al e-commerce

From the craft to e-commerce

May 27, 2020

Have you ever wondered who was behind the making of your dining table, the chairs you sit on when you go to a bar or the facade of your neighborhood greengrocer?

Comprometidos con el desarrollo sostenible

Committed to sustainable development

May 25, 2020

In 2015, the 193 countries that make up the UN committed to the Sustainable Development Goals program, which is expected to be met by 2030. These are 17 points of global agreement that seek economic, social and environmental transformation.