From the craft to e-commerce

May 27, 2020

Have you ever wondered who was behind the making of your dining table, the chairs you sit on when you go to a bar or the facade of your neighborhood greengrocer? Without a doubt, a product with history and hands behind its manufacture has incomparable value.

Decades ago, due to the rise of materials such as plastic, the boom in retail sales and ultra-standardized industrial processes, some traditional trades, handmade work and, above all, the remarkable work of artisans, were in danger.

However, a few years ago there has been a turnaround and people have gone back to seeking that the products they buy are unique, that they are made of noble materials, created by people and not by machines and to productions linked to sustainable development. Today authenticity is valued and thus new companies and small businesses have been born that have decided to adopt sustainable processes and retake the importance of trades.

On the other hand, the increase in online sales in recent times has also contributed to the access of artisans to the sale of their products in other cities, regions and countries, and not only at a local level. E-commerce has become a showcase that allows entrepreneurs and artists to exhibit their creations and buyers to get to know them and thus acquire them more easily.

A study by the Chamber of Commerce carried out through Transbank showed that online sales registered a large increase during the last weeks of March this year, due to the global situation linked to Covid-19 and the call to stay at home. Brands and entrepreneurs today have the challenge of reinventing themselves, and local artists and producers have the opportunity to grow in the world of e-commerce and thus reach many more places and people.

Nowü Hogar was also born in this way and with the same objective: to connect artisans with you, balancing the tradition of handmade work and fair trade through the circular economy, giving second chances to people in vulnerable situations who have They have been able to develop great talents and skills, and to show them to thousands of people through online sales, an exhibition space that previously did not exist for them.

We invite you to ask yourself this question: where does what I buy come from? Let's reflect and think in what ways we can contribute to local trade and value the work of our artisans.

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