The New Retail: generating wealth for Everyone

June 08, 2020

A fair economy, minimizing the environmental impact and contributing to the end of inequality, are some of the objectives on which the new retail is based. Learn more about this high-impact change, to which we invite you to join.

What comes to mind when we talk about retail? We, in simple words, understand it as the massive sale of a wide variety of products manufactured on a large scale and linked to chains and commercial houses. Mainly focused on satisfying the needs of people, reducing costs and selling high volumes to generate the highest possible margin.

At Nowü we propose to make a change and we propose the concept of the new retail, a model in which sustainability and use of natural resources is a priority, helping to flatten the curve of environmental impact, valuing the work done by hand, generating opportunities and combating inequality, resulting in products with added value at a fair price.

To generate social impact, we manufacture our products hand in hand with artisans from vulnerable environments. They have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent through our projects, which are developed from a sustainable model that considers a fair return in income for the entire production chain.

We rely on a circular economy model that takes the example of the cycle of nature to balance the risk generated by climate change. In a system for the use of natural resources, we take charge of the management of waste from construction works, taking advantage of the talent of our craftsmen to give life to materials that previously became garbage.

We are motivated to build a better future for the planet and the people who inhabit it through a virtuous circle, solving current problems and providing wealth for all: validating the work of artisans, providing our customers with a quality product and giving back to the ecosystem.

Because we do change together!

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