Terms and Conditions

At the time of confirming the purchase, the Client will be informed about the following:

  • Feasibility of shipment or installation
  • Furniture material and measurements
  • Finishes (Rustic, Fine, Soft, others)
  • Values, conditions and Delivery Terms.

The sending of the closing email/whatsapp and its acceptance is required to confirm the agreement and Purchase contract. Any omission of these details will be the responsibility of the provider.

The purchase terms are expressly stipulated on the page, but could have variations. When buying, the client takes into consideration that those terms are approximate. In case there are changes in the project, consider 10 days more than the stipulated term.

The buyer declares to understand that they work with Natural wood and it is a handmade product and that therefore:

  • Colors, veins and exact measurements may vary by a few centimeters, maintaining consistency and capacity of each product.
  • You must inform about the place where the product will be located (exterior - interior, under eaves or outdoors).
  • The delivery of each product will be made after coordination between the consumer and the supplier and after sending photos that are accepted.

Exchange and Return Policy

Changes and Returns will be governed by the Current Law 19,496 and its 3x3 Guarantee determinations. This implies a 3-month Warranty for our products and Post-Sale work at no cost to Customers.

Once the product is accepted, repairs will only be made or warranty will only be applied for Physical reasons of the Product and not aesthetic.


The client will lose all types of Guarantee and will not be able to demand changes once the following has happened:

  • End of the term stipulated by law.
  • Variations have been made to the product by Third Parties.
  • There is some type of damage not corresponding to the correct use of the product.

Shipping Policy

Once the order is sent to Regions and the sender cannot receive it, it will be sent to the closest corresponding office.