June 20, 2020 2 min read

Pewma comes from the Mapudungun and means Dream. What is ours? Being part of a world in which no waste is generated. With this purpose, our collection of products made from 100% recycled materials was born. We invite you to meet and be part of this dream.

Excessive felling of trees for commercial purposes and natural causes such as forest fires have led the planet to suffer the consequences of deforestation: loss of ecosystems, extinction of endemic nature and soil degradation. Today, forests of native trees are replaced by species such as pine, for later felling and commercialization.

How can we contribute to reducing deforestation and soil degradation? We give you some ideas: you can plant a tree, reduce the use of paper, share information with your networks and help others to know its causes and consequences and change some of your habits, for example, start recycling and find that products you buy are made from recycled materials.

Pewma is the furniture collection made 100% with construction waste and was born in 2019 from the hand of a dream in which we collaborate with a planet without deforestation or soil degradation. We develop projects according to a sustainable model: free from the use of chemicals, with recycled materials and created together with talented people who are looking for opportunities.

We started with demolition wood, taking advantage of native wood and in 2020 we wanted to go further, achieving alliances with construction companies to manage their wood waste, transforming what could have ended up in the garbage, into unique and quality furniture.

Following this line, in February of this year we manufactured the first drop off of organic waste from Vitacura in the La Papa greengrocery with recycled material, so that everyone who wants to collaborate with waste management has a place at hand where to do it *The drop off will start working post Covid-19.

In this way, with Pewma we seek to be a contribution against deforestation produced by the furniture market, focused on solving the environmental problems that afflict us today.

Our ideal is a world in which we can all contribute a grain of sand and be responsible with our consumption. If we all do small actions, we can give future generations a much cleaner and more sustainable planet. Start at home and join the new retail!