February 03, 2021 2 min read

The world is changing and we all have the opportunity to be active agents of that change. Today we can empower ourselves and not just wait for politicians or the government of the day to take charge of the world we want. To generate real changes and leave a better planet for our future generations, we must put aside individualism and start acting aware that we are part of a collective.

We have faith: we are sure that a sustainable future goes beyond laws, institutions and charity, because we believe that companies must adopt business models that ensure well-being for as many people as possible. This model must be able to ensure the sustainability of the company over time and at the same time seek to generate positive impacts on society, replacing acts of charity with internal structural changes.

Small companies, by having simpler structures, have the possibility of taking responsibility for generating changes that have the purpose of being a contribution to society in a global way, generating benefits for their workers, clients and the environment.

Clients, being part of society, will be able to understand that it is possible to achieve forms of work that ensure this real and positive impact. And this discovery will be the key, since we will leave barriers behind and it will be possible to demand similar behavior from more companies.

Thus, in the future the large conglomerates -which have initially been reluctant to change- will have to listen to the voice of consumption and the decisions of their public to seek innovation and/or support small businesses.

Based on these changes, governments will be able to understand how the new business models are focused on generating positive social impacts and will be able to focus on creating public policies that support and prioritize sustainability, moving towards a new path that should later become the standard.

In this way, the work that small businesses do today is vital to make you as a client realize that changes are possible if we all join together.

That same path begins for you today: buying from an SME, promoting responsible ventures with society, generating less waste and getting used to paying for recycling, among many other initiatives.

And you, do you join in changing the world with us? Spread the word, believe in the power of small actions and let's take charge!