Blacksmith Table

The usual oak, much more robust. It has wrought iron applications on the cover and corners, and also wheels for mobility.

The most rustic relative of our coffee tables, all of them being different. Ideal for those who like pieces that differ even in products of the same family.

It must be protected with a cover in case it is outdoors.

Review our terms and conditions for more information.

Shipping could take between 20 and 25 calendar days within Santiago and 25 to 30 days to other regions. For shipments to regions, this will be done at home or to the nearest feasible office.


+ If your table will be exposed to the sun, it is advisable to use some type of cover.

+ Heating the wood causes the decks to warp or the wood to give way.

+ Do not leave hot things in direct contact with the table. Always use something that protects!

+ If any type of liquid is spilled, clean and dry as soon as possible.

+ Recommended to use tablecloths.

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